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Modular blast-resistant buildings offer exceptional protection in high-risk environments like oil and gas refineries. They set the bar for industrial protection projects when it comes to speed of construction, flexibility and scalability, cost-effectiveness, safety and more. Traditionally, steel has been the material of choice for modular blast-resistant buildings, but recently, there’s a new entry in the industry worth examining—the precast concrete modular blast-resistant building.

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When it comes to protection in the form of buildings, there are a few levels of protection that can be observed. For this blog post, we will focus on three building types: general protective structures, buildings that offer blast protection, and buildings that offer hazard protection.

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When it comes to blast resistance, there are a few options, depending on the situation. At RedGuard, we design blast-resistant buildings to protect building occupants and equipment in high-hazard areas from the damaging effects of explosions.