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Fragment Protection in RedGuard’s Steel Blast Resistant Buildings

June 28th, 2024   |  5 min. read
Fragment Protection in RedGuard’s Steel Blast Resistant Buildings Blog Feature

When it comes to blast-resistant buildings, safety is everything. But what does “safety” entail? Protection from an initial blast? What about other hazards that occur in the event of an explosion? 

Ensuring safety goes beyond simply withstanding the initial impact. It's about safeguarding people and property from the full range of threats an explosion unleashes. One critical aspect to keep in mind is fragment protection. 


What is Fragment Protection and Why Is It Important?

In the event of an explosion, debris can become hazardous projectiles, posing serious risks to people and property. Fragment protection refers to measures taken to mitigate these dangers by preventing or minimizing the penetration of debris into the building's interior. This aspect of blast resistance is essential for ensuring the safety of occupants. 


How RedGuard’s Blast Resistant Buildings Protect Your Team from Flying Debris if an Explosion Occurs

RedGuard’s blast-resistant buildings are meticulously crafted by industry-leading engineers, dedicated to protecting lives above all else. Our approach to fragment protection hinges on two fundamental qualities: the inherent strength and flexibility of steel, combined with thoughtful design principles that elevate our buildings to the forefront of safety and reliability. Let’s start by discussing why we choose to work with steel over other common materials like concrete


At the heart of RedGuard’s blast-resistant building design is steel, known for its unmatched strength and resilience. Steel offers exceptional durability and structural integrity, remaining unaffected by warping, straining, cracking, or crumbling under pressure. 

Steel also holds another valuable quality - the ability to “flex.” This allows it to bend slightly upon impact from a blast wave rather than shattering or collapsing. This flexibility, also known as deflection or dynamic load transfer, ensures that the building can absorb and dissipate the energy of an explosion, reducing the risk of structural failure and preventing fragments from injuring people or your property. Concrete simply can not do that. 

Building Design

In addition to being the best material for the job, we also craft our buildings with thoughtful, innovative design principles. For example, we strategically place studs at regular intervals within our buildings, typically every 12 inches. This careful spacing enhances the structure's resilience, providing additional support and reinforcement against the forces generated by an explosion. 




How does fragment protection contribute to overall safety in blast resistant buildings?

Fragment protection is a critical aspect of blast-resistant building design as it directly impacts the safety of occupants. By minimizing the risk of injury from flying debris during an explosion, fragment protection enhances overall safety levels, providing peace of mind to those within the building.


How effective is fragment protection in RedGuard’s blast resistant buildings?

Fragment protection in RedGuard’s buildings is highly effective due to the use of steel, which offers exceptional strength and flexibility. This combination ensures that debris is minimized or prevented from penetrating the building's interior, thus safeguarding occupants.

Are RedGuard buildings blast tested?

Yes. RedGuard’s blast-resistant buildings undergo rigorous testing, conducted by third-party engineers to ensure unbiased, accurate results. We publish the results of our blast tests so you can see for yourself! 


Custom, Multi-Hazard Resistant Buildings, Protect against Blasts, Fire and More

In addition to fragment protection, your team needs to be protected from any hazard that may come their way. When it comes to blast-resistant buildings, one size does not fit all. Different facilities have unique needs and requirements for safety, functionality, and aesthetics. 

At RedGuard, we understand this. That’s why we offer a wide range of features, add-ons, and customizations for our buildings. Check out our guide below to see all of our customization options. 

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