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Safety and Regulations
How Should I Prepare For A Facility Siting Study?

You can prepare for a facility siting study by first learning what a facility siting study is, and then preparing a list of questions and ensuring you have all the required documentation ready to be ...

What Is A Pre-Engineered Blast-Resistant Building?

Pre-engineered buildings are suite-quality buildings with completed engineering.

What’s The Difference Between Blast-Proof And Explosion-Proof?

While people seem to use the terms blast-proof and explosion-proof synonymously, there is a difference. Simply put, we don’t say blast-proof, or explosion-proof, because we know that explosions are ...

What Is A Blast-Resistant Building?

A blast-resistant building is a structure that is made to withstand significant explosions and to protect personnel and equipment in hazardous environments like those encountered at oil refineries, ...

How Do You Ensure Safety To Occupants In A Blast-Resistant Building?

At RedGuard, we believe in testing. We know that the most critical element of the blast-resistant building is its ability to protect lives. For this reason, when it comes to testing, we don’t just ...

What Regulations Apply To Blast-Resistant Buildings?

Unfortunately, there are no official regulations that cover blast-resistant modular buildings, but there are two recommended practices that cover blast-resistant buildings - API RP 752 and API RP 753.


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