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Field Service
Is Your Blast-Resistant Building Design Tested And Available?

Yes. At RedGuard, we want you to feel peace of mind knowing that our buildings are blast-tested to ensure the safety of your team.

How Should I Choose The Best Vendor For A Blast-Resistant Building?

The best way to choose is to take the time to research your potential candidates and ensure they have what it takes to deliver a quality product.

How Can I Get Service On My Blast-Resistant Building?

It’s easy! We even service buildings that didn’t come from our fleet. Simply fill out our brief service request form.

What Are The Top Service Calls On Blast-Resistant Buildings?

We’ve answered this question on our blog. Learn what some of the top reasons for service calls on blast-resistant buildings are.

Is A Manufacturer's Service Department An Important Consideration?

Absolutely. With more than 15 years of proven experience, RedGuard has been fortunate to experience an unmatched amount of client retention. We believe this can be attributed to several factors, such ...


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