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Misconceptions About the Turnkey Blast Resistant Building

December 17th, 2021   |  5 min. read
Misconceptions About the Turnkey Blast Resistant Building Blog Feature

A turnkey blast-resistant building is pre-constructed and sold to buyers without the need for further customization. Of course, the opportunity for modifications still exists, but the idea is that you can just turn the key to unlock the door and start using your building.

For many job sites, turnkey buildings may seem like the ultimate convenience, especially if you need a temporary structure. They are constructed off-site, so installing them on your job site is a quick and straightforward process. However, the questions remain: 

Are these buildings too good to be true? What are the risks involved?

The short answer: Turnkey isn’t for everyone, but there are other options. While we understand the initial appeal of a ‘turnkey’ building, there are better ways to ensure your building meets your specific needs. And most importantly, you can find a structure that keeps your team safe. 

Below we will address 7 of the most common misconceptions about ‘turnkey’ blast-resistant buildings.

Myth #1: Turnkey Blast Resistant Buildings Meet Every Need

No single building design can meet the many needs of job sites. What works for the mining industry doesn’t necessarily work for oil and gas, for example.

It’s true that turnkey models can be used as a control room or several types of multipurpose structures, but it’s important to find a company that offers the ability to customize a building. For starters, you need to make sure it meets safety guidelines for your particular project.

Myth #2: Turnkey Blast Resistant Buildings Are Your Only Choice for Rush Construction Jobs

Turnkey buildings might be the fastest option in a desperate situation. A turnkey building can be leased, to fulfill the immediate need, while a customized building is being constructed.

If you have safety concerns, changing needs, or a unique project, a custom blast-resistant building could be a better option and should be considered from the start. 

It’s also much harder to change a building that’s already on-site than to have customizations made before it is delivered.

Myth #3: Turnkey Blast Resistant Buildings Have All the Amenities of Custom Structures

A turnkey blast-resistant building is typically sold “as-is.” But a custom blast-resistant building can be built to your specifications. So, while they may look similar on the outside, the insides are infinitely customizable for amenities. You can choose to include features like windows and custom cabinetry or even aesthetic compliments like decorative tiles.

These options simply aren't available with turnkey structures.

Myth #4: Turnkey Buildings Are So Simple That They Don’t Require Maintenance

Every building requires maintenance and upgrades, and different industry codes apply to various job sites.

It’s crucial to find a vendor that can customize and deliver a building, oversee any future maintenance on it, and answer your questions in the event that it needs repairs.

Myth #5: Turnkey Blast Resistant Buildings Are the Best Option for Small Projects

It makes sense to be concerned about cost, especially when a project is small or time-limited. However, as with any other structure, the price of a blast-resistant building is determined by many factors. More importantly, custom buildings can be designed to work within your budget.

If you have a small project, there’s no reason to sacrifice safety for convenience. 

Myth #6: Turnkey Buildings Are the Only Option When You Need to Start a Project Quickly

It’s simply not true that turnkey buildings are your best bet when you need speed and efficiency – after all, nothing is more critical (or more cost-effective) in the long run than a safe structure.

Keep in mind that no design skills are required when it comes to customizing a blast-resistant building. The right vendor will make the task simple – you need only tell them the type of project you’re working on and the safety requirements you need to meet.

Myth #7: Turnkey Buildings Are the Most Cost-Effective Option 

For starters, you may not need everything that comes with a turnkey building, and that would mean you’re paying for more than is necessary. By customizing your design, you pay for only what you're going to use while also meeting or exceeding your safety requirements. 

So if ‘Turnkey’ Isn’t The Way To Go, How Should I Select My Blast-Resistant Building? 

The truth is, you should select your blast-resistant building based on thorough research to ensure that you are choosing the safest, most reliable option. While the phrase ‘turnkey’ can sound appealing, it is much more effective to find a customizable building focused on safety that will meet your specific needs. You don’t want to take shortcuts when it comes to the safety of your people. 


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