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RedGuard Blast Resistant Building Interior and Exterior Customization

December 14th, 2023   |  5 min. read
RedGuard Blast Resistant Building Interior and Exterior Customization Blog Feature

In hazardous work environments, we know that safety is always top priority. However, it is also crucial to create a positive work environment for on-site team members. A positive, inviting workspace isn't just a luxury—it's a catalyst for happier, more productive teams.

At RedGuard, we believe that safety doesn’t have to compromise comfort. That’s why SafetySuite, our line of completely custom steel, blast-resistant modular buildings, includes options for all interior and exterior finishes, allowing you to provide your team with a safe and comfortable environment. 

For a detailed look at all of our customization options, from safety to functionality and design, check out our Guide to RedGuard's Features, Add-Ons, & Customizations

Now, let's dive into SafetySuite's design options, which allow you to craft an environment that seamlessly blends safety, functionality, and comfort.


Interior Finishes



Selecting the right flooring for your modular building is critical. We offer a diverse range of flooring options to suit your specific needs. From durable flooring that withstands heavy foot traffic to carpet tiles that add warmth and comfort, we provide flexibility to get exactly what you need. Whatever your preference may be, RedGuard ensures that your choice complements your overall design, while remaining hazard-resistant.


Efficiency and organization within your workspace are integral to seamless operations. Our customization options extend to built-in fixtures, desks, shelving units, lockers, restroom fixtures, and complete kitchen setups. Whether you require ergonomic workstations that promote productivity or innovative storage solutions that maximize space utilization, our team can tailor the interior layout to meet your unique requirements. From the configuration of desks to the placement of lockers, every detail contributes to an environment that encourages your workforce to thrive. 

In the event of an explosion, both the building's structure and its interior must withstand the blast. Our team of experts assesses all interior construction components for their durability in hazardous work areas to ensure your team’s safety.  


Maintaining a comfortable and climate-controlled environment is essential for the well-being and productivity of your team. RedGuard offers full HVAC installation and integration, ensuring that your modular building is equipped with efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This guarantees that your workspace remains conducive to work, regardless of external conditions. Our comprehensive HVAC solutions provide the peace of mind that your team can perform optimally year-round. 

RedGuard offers three levels of toxic gas protection: gas detection for early warnings, pressurization for a constant clean air supply, and airlock solutions for extreme shelter-in-place scenarios. Gas detection signals leaks, pressurization maintains clean air and stops gas infiltration, while airlocks offer advanced protection for situations requiring individuals to stay inside due to external hazards. 

Additional Finishes

RedGuard enables you to integrate your company's personality into your workspace. With the ability to customize paint options to match your color scheme and prominently display your company's name and logos, you can create an environment that nurtures pride and belonging among your team.


Exterior Finishes


Outdoor Materials and Paint

RedGuard offers a range of exterior finishes that seamlessly integrate with your design. This allows you to match your modular building to existing structures or reflect your brand's identity. The combination of carefully selected materials and paint ensures an exterior that appeals to the eye while standing up to the rigors of hazardous environments.


Natural light can significantly impact morale. It boosts mood, enhances productivity, regulates sleep patterns, reduces eye strain, and fosters a connection to the outdoors. RedGuard's commitment to incorporating natural light into our modular buildings creates a positive, vibrant, and health-supportive workspace that contributes to overall employee well-being.

Our blast resistant windows are engineered to provide exceptional protection against potential hazards while maintaining visibility and natural light. The size and type of window we select will be determined based on the building’s threat level. For the window on a blast resistant building to be effective, it needs to offer just as much protection as the building itself because, as they say, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” In this way, all of our buildings are considered examples of a single degree of freedom system. 


Your modular building can seamlessly integrate with the existing structures at your facility or serve as a standalone representation of your brand. RedGuard's customization options extend to exterior branding, enabling you to match the design of the building to others on your premises. This ensures a cohesive and unified aesthetic that reinforces your company's identity. We provide the flexibility to align the exterior of your modular building with your company's branding, incorporating logos, colors, and design elements that reflect your values.


Safety, Functionality, & Comfort

RedGuard's commitment to safety and customization blends functionality with aesthetics. Our blast resistant buildings offer a canvas for you to design a workspace that aligns with your brand, nurtures the well-being of your workforce, and maximizes productivity. 


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