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This article was created for the July/August 2023 issue of BIC Magazine. It's presented here in its original unedited format. In the early days of the blast-resistant building industry, RedGuard was approached to design a new option for mobile modular blast-resistant buildings. In response, the company created its first generation of steel blast-resistant buildings. At the same time, it also started building LeaseFleet, what is now North America’s largest fleet of steel, blast-resistant buildings. These leasable blast-resistant structures are used for projects all over the world when a temporary solution for safe space in a hazardous area is required.

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Having a safety culture isn't about just "talking the talk." You've got to "walk the walk" too. If you spend any amount of time at RedGuard, you'll quickly learn that our safety culture comes with practice. We support our belief in the importance of safe practices not just by what we say, but also in what we do.