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RedGuard Introduces New Chemical Storage Building, VersaBilt Chemical

January 11th, 2022   |  5 min. read
RedGuard Introduces New Chemical Storage Building, VersaBilt Chemical Blog Feature

This press release was sent on January 11, 2022 on behalf of RedGuard. It has been updated with the company's current offerings for chemical storage buildings in 2023. 

RedGuard, the leading producer of blast-resistant buildings to the oil and gas industry, announces the introduction of a new product, VersaBilt Chemical, for the safe storage of hazardous materials and various chemicals. 

What is VersaBilt Chemical?

To continue its efforts for worker and environmental safety, while diversifying its product chemical-storage-buildingmix, RedGuard has developed a new line of code-compliant chemical storage buildings. These robust hazmat buildings are available in sizes up to 8' x 42'. Models include non-combustible, two-hour and four-hour fire ratings. RedGuard offers a wide variety of accessories to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. These include things like explosion-proof electrical accessories, ramps and shelving.

"RedGuard has been creating safe spaces for those in the oil and gas industry for years and we realize that need exists in other industries as well. With this in mind, we have been diversifying our products to serve both our existing customers and those in other industries. These chemical storage buildings will continue our passion for protecting workers and the environment, while at the same time opening us up to an entirely new customer base," said Darren Hillman, RedGuard CEO. "We are proud to put our engineering and manufacturing skills behind this important new product."

Customers can request a meeting or call RedGuard directly at 316-554-9000 for more information.

About RedGuard

RedGuard is the leading authority in blast protection, providing safe, customizable and scalable modular buildings that save lives. Driven by a passion for safety, RedGuard’s product innovation has driven the development of turnkey solutions that raise the bar in both personalization and protection for customers across industries and worldwide. The company’s dedication to meet its customers’ unique needs—from initial design to installation and beyond—combined with unsurpassed standards for quality and overall safety makes it the go-to manufacturer in the industry. RedGuard’s product lines excel in the area of modular safe structures and threat mitigation.


Carreen Gibbons

Carreen Gibbons

Carreen Gibbons is the Communications Specialist at RedGuard. With a natural curiosity toward technical subjects and a love of learning new things, she writes content for the SiteBox Storage and RedGuard websites and spends her days learning new things about the industries that the companies serve.