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Reliable Service Important with Blast-Resistant Building Manufacturers

July 17th, 2020   |  5 min. read
Reliable Service Important with Blast-Resistant Building Manufacturers Blog Feature

The following article was originally published in the June/July 2020 issue of BIC magazine. It was written by Chris Priddy, one of RedGuard's subject matter experts and our Gulf Coast Regional Area Manager.

RedGuard has been a leading designer and provider of modular blast-resistant buildings to the global market since the industry began, following a blast event in Texas City, Texas, in 2005. Our company was asked to provide a safe, blast-resistant alternative to the mobile and modular buildings on similar sites.

We developed a blast-resistant design that could meet an industry-requested blast rating. Our LeaseFleet line of temporary, mobile blast-resistant buildings is used throughout the world on various projects within the petrochemical industry.

At the same time, we also began conceptualizing, designing, engineering and producing various custom-designed blast-resistant buildings to be used as permanent control rooms, change houses, laboratories, administrative offices and decontamination units. This product line became known as our SafetySuite division.

Since this industry began, we have evolved our services. While we were originally a provider and manufacturer of only blast-resistant buildings themselves, today we are a turnkey provider of a full line of services related to keeping your team and assets safe in the event of an explosion or blast accident. We offer facility siting studies and other engineering services for hazardous areas, as well as a full-service field team to help you maintain your blast-resistant buildings, even if they weren’t purchased from RedGuard. We also offer modular security buildings and turnstiles, marine-grade offshore modular living and working quarters, and rugged steel modular buildings for areas that don’t require a blast-rated building. In all, RedGuard has produced a plethora of diverse projects around the world that sets us apart in our ability to adapt, produce and deliver when the need is apparent, whether it requires our blast-resistant expertise or our problem-solving service line.

Now that RedGuard is established in the market with more than 15 years of proven experience, we have been fortunate to experience an unmatched amount of client retention. We believe this can be attributed to several factors, such as quality products, proven service and reliable logistics. Perhaps the most beneficial characteristic of the RedGuard culture and business proficiency is our ability to communicate and commit to delivery timeframes in an honest and transparent manner.

We believe setting realistic expectations is paramount to achieving optimal success on a project. We clearly and openly design schedules that are not only achievable, but allow us to be punctual. We work with our clients to build schedules that allow RedGuard to thoroughly develop highly dependable product and service lines. This is an ethical communication practice that allows our clients the timeframe to accurately prepare for the delivery of our products and services, knowing RedGuard will meet the deadline we’ve mutually agreed upon.

How do we do it?

You might wonder how RedGuard consistently exceeds the performances of others in the blast-resistant building industry. It’s a combination of two components. We believe the foundation of RedGuard’s continued success is our progressive culture, combined with our top-rated abundance of resources that are simply unmatched in our industry.

With our asset management team, we are always prepared to deliver our product line when other providers are unable to meet a client’s needs. We also have the largest fleet of delivery trucks in the industry, allowing us to be solely in control of when we deliver, instead of having to rely on the often-unsteady performance of third-party delivery contractors.

Our logistics department gives RedGuard the edge on the competition by being 100% in control of our own performance. RedGuard is often commended for having the best-performing and most reliable service team in the industry. Together, our asset management, on-site services and logistics teams have allowed RedGuard to eclipse the competition with attention to detail and unrivaled performance, providing our deluge of industry-leading products and impeccably executed services.

For more information about blast-resistant buildings or services call (855) 733-4827, or to make an introductory appointment to speak to Chris Priddy, the writer of this article and one of our subject matter experts, click the link below. 

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Chris Priddy

Chris Priddy

Chris is one of RedGuard's gulf coast sales managers and he has close to 15 years of experience working with blast-resistant structures. If there's any aspect of our products you need help with, or if you have questions about blast resistance, in general, he's a valuable subject matter expert to have on your side.