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A RedGuard Thank You

November 25th, 2019   |  3 min. read
A RedGuard Thank You Blog Feature

Thankful. Grateful. Appreciative. Agradecida. Dankbaar. Asante. Reconnaissante.

Any way you express it, or in any language, the sentiment we contemplate in late November in the holiday season of Thanksgiving resonates within us. There are things in life that the human psyche cries out to express, and thankfulness is one of them. Gratitude abounds especially in times of near-misses on a job site, or when the mind goes down the path of what-could-have-happened in a specific situation. The appreciation of enjoying another day of what matters to us with those that we love and enjoy comes easily. 

The Good Industry News

In the oil and gas industry, we have much to be thankful for. We have enjoyed a good economic environment. New plants are being constructed, and others are coming out of the mothballs, reviving local economies and communities. The work is a critical contributor to prosperity is several ways. Directly, in the form of jobs, indirectly through the supply chain, and induced in its effect on communities.

Learning from Challenges

The industry has also had challenges in recent years. Explosions, fires, and workplace accidents still happen. Near misses happen. Some are situations that could have gone wrong but didn’t, and some are circumstances that were tragic but could have been worse. These things cause us to rethink and reexamine safety – both individually and collectively. 

Safety programs have never been stronger. We have developed cultures that promote the human factor and genuine care for co-workers as much as ourselves. We want our families not to worry about us while engaging in the industry that we enjoy, and that provides for our needs. We want them to know that we’ll be home safely at the end of the day.


Remembering the Phoenix

Although API 752, written in 1995, was penned to provide recommended practices (RP) for blast-resistant buildings, the industry did little to take note. It was when the 2005 Texas City disaster claimed 15 lives and injured 180 that we mourned. Out of that, our industry rose. We learned. Through examination, studies, and reports, the sector birthed measures to protect lives. The years since then have allowed for an increase in knowledge, improvements in design, and adaptations along the path that facilitate both safety and changing workplace configuration needs.

Our industry has been like a Phoenix rising up from its ashes, dusting off and marching forward, stronger each time. 

A RedGuard Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and remember. RedGuard wants to thank those of you who work in this industry daily.  

  • For providing necessary products for the world we live in. 
  • For keeping the economy strong.  
  • For doing the right thing.

During your turnarounds these past years, it’s likely your refineries brought in blast-resistant buildings. Here at RedGuard, we want to say thank you. Thank you for the trust you place in us. We are tested for life. We are grateful for you.

Lorna Geist

Lorna Geist

Lorna has been with RedGuard since 2012 and is a sales specialist. Her specialty is generating quotes for all the creative ways our customers use LeaseFleet buildings. She is also a member of the LANGE culture committee, which focuses on keeping employees from RedGuard and all LANGE companies focused on our core values.