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Blast-Resistant Building Timeline & Planning

June 24th, 2021   |  5 min. read
Blast-Resistant Building Timeline & Planning Blog Feature


When you embark on a capital-intensive project such as a blast-resistant building, information is power. Before you tie up your finances in a building, you need to understand your vendor's blast-resistant building process. In addition, you need to understand your role in the process. Below, we walk you through the timeline and planning of a blast-resistant building.



The builder needs to understand your needs before suggesting a solution. Some of the pre-construction questions you may be asked include:

  • What is the building's purpose? Is it office space, storage space, or a breakroom?
  • How many people should it accommodate?
  • What potential hazards exist? A hazard score will determine the type of structure you need for compliance.
  • Is the site accessible? The units are assembled off-site and require a crane to install them at the site. Are there restrictions that would affect delivery timelines?
  • What is the layout of the building? This information guides the delivery queue, ensuring the assembly of the relevant steel units in the correct sequence.
  • What are your utility needs? The builder will need to take into account wiring needs for the next phase.
  • What is your intended time frame? Project delivery is dependent on many variables, including the complexity of the project.
  • Is it a temporary structure or permanent? Are you looking to lease a unit, or do you need something long-term?

RedGuard also advises clients to go with steel at this stage because it is stronger and has flex, making it best suited for blast protection. It is also the best material for modular-style buildings that allow for quick assembly.



Once your project is understood, the contractor comes up with a design for your approval. If you have some wiggle room in your design, you can use some of RedGuard's pre-engineered designs. They are tried and tested and would save you a lot of time. If you need a customized unit, we will work with you to get a design that works for you. It may take a little longer because customization lengthens the approval process. Once we've agreed on a layout, we proceed to the next stage.



Forget the weeks, maybe months of dust, sand, and other materials that make your office an obstacle course during construction. This is an off-site activity. At RedGuard, we assign a project manager to the job who will continuously update you on progress.

Finishing and temporary assembly is completed offsite, so that the team can do a walk-through. Once that is approved, the units are disassembled and the sections are shipped on trucks to be assembled on site.

Approval by you, the client, is done either physically or virtually. If you cannot make it to our site, we will send you pictures and show you how everything fits together. Then, we move on to the next stage.



At the concept stage, we mentioned accessibility. For the finished sections to make it to your site, they may need several trucks. We use a crane to offload the units and complete final assembly of the building, so we need space to work. This is the slight inconvenience you'll need to contend with during the process. By the time these units are delivered, the electrical, plumbing, and communication components are hooked up and then the welding of the entire building is completed. It's almost like putting together a large Lego kit.



As we wrap up the project, we will be available to assist you if you need us. Components may shift during the transportation and installation phase. Our business thrives on customer satisfaction, so we ensure that we have delivered as promised before we move on.

At RedGuard, we understand that our clients entrust us with two vital assets, capital and time. We aim to create the greatest value with the resources available. 


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