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Benefits of a Modular Blast-Resistant Building

July 7th, 2021   |  3 min. read
Benefits of a Modular Blast-Resistant Building Blog Feature

Safety of the Employees and Equipment

When you undertake a process hazard analysis and identify an explosion as a potential hazard, the safety of your employees is paramount. The nature of your work makes it impossible to situate everyone outside the blast zone. You need to provide ample protection within the hazardous area. 

Blast-resistant buildings ensure that the occupants within are safe in case of an explosion. The building’s shell comprises the highest quality steel, able to withstand the effect of a shockwave of up to 9.9 psi, keeping the workers inside safe.

The units can also be used to store and protect vital equipment onsite. 


Durability of Steel

Steel is known for its ductility and tensile strength. It also requires little maintenance over the years. The longer your asset remains useful, the greater its capacity to give a return on the investment.


Steel Reduces Construction Time

The main components of the modules are prefabricated or ready for construction. Once the client approves the design, work begins off-site. On-site preparation can also begin, meaning both activities will happen simultaneously.

That's not all. You don’t lose time waiting for concrete to cure. Off-site construction means less disruption for the team already located on the premises. Lost productivity increases the cost of the investment.


Reduced Liability with Modular Steel

In the event of an explosion, you are liable to your employees for any injuries incurred on site. Penalties and lawsuits will likely follow for failure to prevent injuries or even loss of life. The financial implications of such cases can be catastrophic. Providing a safe structure not only reduces the potential for serious injury but can save you the high cost of litigation.


Portability of Modular Buildings

Blast-resistant modular buildings can be moved to a different location. If your operations relocated, or if the module is needed for brief periods in different places, you can load it up on a truck and move it, saving you further construction costs.


If you’d like to learn more about RedGuard blast-resistant buildings, please visit our resources page.

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