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Changing Political Winds are Upon Us: RedGuard Has You Covered

January 27th, 2021   |  5 min. read
Changing Political Winds are Upon Us: RedGuard Has You Covered Blog Feature

This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of BIC Magazine. It is re-published here in its entirety. 

Anyone that followed the 2020 election would quickly acknowledge that potential changes for the oil and gas industry's future were highly visible, with each party and candidate providing two very different visions of the future. With the transition to new political leadership upon us, expect a trailing period of uncertainty and potential changes—some more impactful on our businesses than others. The reality is a new federal administration and somewhat different-looking legislatures are becoming official on January 20, and changes are probably imminent. For our industry, moving forward after Inauguration Day means being ready to adapt. It's time for all of us to prepare a smart and efficient response to some predictable changes, as well as a few surprises.

At RedGuard, we are ready to support our industry through innovation, dedication, and continued commitment to worker safety and workplace safe spaces as new challenges are revealed.

Engineering Blast Resistant Buildings

From small municipalities up to the federal level, as all levels of government transition to new leadership where we live and work, one of their first orders of business may be to implement broad policy shifts by driving changes in federal, state, and local regulations that don't necessarily require legislation. Codes, processes, requirements, permitting, or other details may all evolve into a much different, and more challenging, process for companies and facilities.

If you encounter new and unfamiliar challenges related to the hazards present on your sites, an engineering consultation may be in order. The independent engineers that RedGuard partners with are a potential solution to gaining insight, direction, and a thorough understanding of the data that will help you gain control of new policy-driven requirements.

As the leader in blast resistance, RedGuard is uniquely equipped to help you drive through regulations and red tape. Our outstanding Facility Site Study (FSS) Report services provide expert onsite hazard analysis (thermal, explosion, toxic release, etc.) and appropriate hazard mitigation options to establish the map to compliance, including existing building retrofit options.


When new policies require immediate action, RedGuard maintains the largest fleet of blast-resistant buildings for lease, long or short term. While many already recognize RedGuard's ability to provide unlimited flex-space for the largest planned outages and turnarounds, our ability to quickly provide standard blast-resistant restrooms, offices, tools, permitting, control, and security buildings is a core service. Modifying our LeaseFleet units to your custom needs is also an option. The ability to lease compliant space provides time and flexibility for you and your team to plan and budget for permanent solutions, if necessary.


For facilities that understand their hazards and seek instant permanent compliance in the midst of changes, our RediSuite blast-resistant buildings offer our most popular floor plans in a pre-engineered, "off-the-shelf" approach. RediSuite buildings are custom buildings, standardized at their core to optimize modular efficiencies; RediSuite quote-to-commissioning is dramatically less than any site-erected approach and has 30% less lead-time than a custom design/build BRM approach.


As new long-term plans are developed for your sites around potential new policies, RedGuard can help you execute the budgetary approach for major capital projects and initiatives, providing optimization and efficiencies built-in to the modular design/build concept. Design, estimation, calendar, and execution planning are all strategically baked into our process to deliver quality and performance simply not possible through other means of construction. Our Custom Projects division produces the complete range of custom blast-resistant building types, from small security buildings with turnstiles, to the largest control and administration buildings imaginable, and everything in between. We will design, quote, and build to the most recent state approvals, certifications and regulations to ensure your facility is compliant.

Expert Consultation

RedGuard has established the most experienced and seasoned team of outside representatives in every region of North America. Hopefully, you've met the RedGuard representative in your region. If you have not, I encourage you to visit the RedGuard website, and send us an inquiry. A well-versed, friendly professional willing to introduce you to RedGuard, provide education on blast-resistant compliance, and support your response to upcoming changes will respond to you in the ideal platform that you prefer. There is never any cost or obligation for requesting information, consultation or a quote from the industry's top blast-resistant building supplier.

RedGuard is thankful for those of you in our industry that support us, and we remain ready to embrace and adapt to the potential changes on the industry's new horizon - helping you do the same. Contact our great team… we'll be ready to help.

Bryan Bulling

Bryan Bulling

Bryan Bulling is a Regional Area Manager for RedGuard, serving the Northeastern United States. He's an expert in the areas of hazard consultations and blast-resistant solutions. He has more than thirty years of experience in a range of industries, some of those include construction, industrial/commercial architecture, oil and gas refining, and project planning.